Richard Stanley is Innocent.

The Tribunal Judiciary of Carcassonne rules that Mr. Stanley has no case to answer.

Montségur. The Official Richard Stanley today announced the Tribunal Judiciary of Carcassonne has ordered a police investigation into false allegations made against him on March 16th, 2021. This ruling is a major turning point in Mr. Stanley’s quest to establish his innocence.

Charges of harassment, defamation, and degradation of work conditions have been brought against Tracy Robertson (aka Scarlett Amaris), and her principal enabler Tonelise Rugaas (aka Shelly Gonzalez). These charges have been brought under France’s Code Penal, and Code Travail. The first page of the official ordinance outlining these charges, can be found attached. The Tribunal Judiciary of Carcassonne has also recommended the psychological evaluation of Mr. Stanley’s accusers in the hope of better understanding their motives.

Robertson and Rugaas stand accused of falsely manipulating popular opinion for financial gain, derailing at least three feature film projects, and causing the cancelation of a popular television series, resulting in the loss of hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue. Future civil charges against their enablers in the US are being drafted by Mr. Stanley and his team.

Libelous social media posts were deliberately disseminated on March 16 2021 by both false news sites, and reputable online journalist without contacting Richard Stanley or his representation for comments. Due diligence in fact-checking was dropped in favor of yellow/tabloid journalism.

Richard Stanley is a South African filmmaker known for such hits as Color out of Space, Hardware, and Dust Devil. He currently resides in France.

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Ordonnance de Fixation de Consignation
Richard Stanley